Woo hoo!!!

No aneurysm! No skull drilling! We’re totes doing the surgery through the nose! And, as it turns out, I’m no longer paying through the nose (as much)… the whole kit and kaboodle will only cost $56,000, so like, half of the original estimate. Nothing but good news today! 😀

The surgery is called an endonasal transtubercular resection. I strongly suggest that you do not Google that or watch any videos of it. But hey… good news. Good, good news.

One more thing. A quote from Jordan Chaney‘s book Wolf, which is kind of my mantra right now:

It’s about choosing to love when the invitations for hate are overflowing and abundant. It’s about finding the strength and courage to be gentle and to be kind and to smile when right outside your door you’re tempted to resentful, cold, and apathetic.

That’s all for now. <3

3 Replies to “Hooray for THE MIGHTY NOSE!”

  1. Hooray! I’ve had a similar but unrelated surgery, so my advice is…stock up on Kleenex, get ready to kick back and watch some TV or play on your ‘puter. I’m sure the surgeon, etc.’ll have plenty of after-care instructions too.

    Super-great news. 😀

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