Happy Anniversary, Brendan Quinn

I’m married to a wonderful man named Brendan Quinn. This post is addressed to him.

Hi, baby. I love you so damn much.

Together, we’ve been able to pursue our dreams of owning our own company, publishing games, creating (as yet unfinished) video games, and traveling to all sorts of interesting destinations. You have helped and supported me through some very difficult times, and I’ve helped and supported you, as well.

We’re partners. We’re best friends. We’re very, VERY happily married.

We’re also human beings, which means we’re not always on our best behavior. I think what makes our marriage work so well is that we talk about shit as it comes up. I mean…we have to. Otherwise, it just sits there stinking up the room. So we talk through problems as they arise, and make sure to put the emphasis on how to make it better instead of on who to blame. You’ve helped teach me how to do that better.

Today, we’ve been married five years. It feels like so short a time, and somehow simultaneously, it feels like I’ve known you forever.

Everything I said in my wedding vows still holds true. I just want to tack on a little addendum: I will never, ever stop learning and growing. I’ll keep striving to be better and better—and not just for you, but for myself as well. I know you’ll understand what I mean 🙂

You’re the absolute best, love. I hit the lottery, and I know it. I’ll say it again: I love you so damn much.