Here I am on the other side

This will hopefully be the last tumor-related post for a while. I’ve given this enough of my time and energy.

The egg-sized brain tumor is gone. (Please excuse the extremely lazy animation…I’m really weak, bros.)

Recovery ended up being much longer than anticipated—the average stay is four days, but I was in the hospital almost two weeks. Complications… nothing that is too serious now. Everything is back under control somewhat. Let me just say that I had NO idea how important electrolyte balance was.

Here, I mainly want to recognize some people. First of all, Brendan Quinn. That dude can HANG. He slept on these horrible chairs the whole time I was in the hospital, just so I wouldn’t be alone. Even though my meds are making me into a swollen blimp person, he somehow makes me still feel attractive. He held my hand during procedures, got me water, called nurses, ordered me food—he did everything I needed. I don’t know how I could get through this without him.

I also want to recognize my mom and dad. Mom has been hanging out at the house with me, helping me with laundry, dishes, food…pretty much anything. She’s been AMAZING. My dad has helped me understand all of the medical stuff that’s going on with me, and helping Brendan with stuff around the house, too.

Camdon Wright (along with his wife and kids) sent us tons of videos while we were at the hospital! You have no idea how boring recovery is. Nobody warns you about that. It’s really depressing to not be allowed to sit up or anything. I couldn’t even read or play mobile games for most of my recovery, because I couldn’t focus on anything. The videos were hilarious and awesome.

Erin Anacker has been a constant inspiration and help to me as well. It’s been so nice to be able to talk to someone who has been through very similar circumstances. Erin has helped me by giving me a special pillow, and like, TONS of advice.

Our friends Becky and Damon put together a bunch of easy recipes that we could make in a rice cooker so we wouldn’t go broke eating out! We still haven’t even gotten through it all!

There are more. I know you and I acknowledge you, but I’m getting too tired to write. Please know that I appreciate you. I love you.

Thank you.